New Cashew Products


Even more so, the health benefits of cashews make it a desirable product for those looking to consume more plant-based foods. Below are some products that have been launched from various regions of the world.

PUREHEART Nutpaste Natural Cashews (India): Made with 99% natural cashew, and coming in an easy-to-use squeeze pack, this cashew paste enables chef-style dishes to be made in the comfort of home. A great vegan alternative for curries and other Indian cuisines.

Blue Frog Cashew, Almond and Maple (New Zealand): Golden roasted cashews and almonds with a lick of pure maple syrup. 87% nuts and seeds and not a grain in sight, it’s the breakfast you never knew you needed. If you’re nuts about nuts, this cereal is the one for you.

New Good Day Cashew Cookie (India): With the abundance of nuts on the surface and a great new taste,  the new Good Day Cashew will give its consumers more reasons to love their favorite cookie!

Nuts for Cheese Un-Brie-Lievable Cashew Product (Canada): She can do anything! Luscious, mild and creamy, this versatile wedge shines alone or as the better half of sweet and savory recipes alike. Made from cashews and dairy-free.

Nature’s Eats Original Cashew Flour (US): An all-natural cashew flour that is perfect for gluten-free baking, shakes and readings. It is Non-GMO Project Verified and has one simple ingredient –cashews.

New Cashew Products



4th World Cashew Convention & Exhibition

The 4th World Cashew Convention and Exhibition took place in Macau, China, on February 1-3, 2018, in association with the INC. The event welcomed 475 participants from 38 countries to discuss about global RCN market dynamics, quality standards, the kernel market, by-products, sector development in Africa and women’s empowerment.

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