How to Make Your Own Cashew Drink


Cashew Nut Drink Basics

Making your own cashew drink can be cost-effective, and also delicious and easier than you think! Before we get started on the how-to, here a few basics to lend you a helping hand.

  • Buy raw cashews. Not only do they last longer, but they also soak a lot better.
  • Make sure the cashews are fresh and the best quality you can afford.

How to Make Your Own Cashew Nut Drink

Now you know the basics here’s how to make your own nut drink in three easy steps.

Step 1: Soak
The first thing you need to do is soak your nuts (around 130 g) for at least a couple of hours, but if you can it’s always best if you let them soak overnight to bring out the flavors, like we mentioned above. And, always make sure to drain and rinse them after.
Step 2: Blend
Mix your soaked nuts with 700ml of water and, if you wish, add a sweetener such as honey, agave, or maple syrup and blend until smooth. You may have to pulse a few times at the beginning to break the nuts up.
Step 3: Strain
Although not a necessity, we suggest straining out the milk to get rid of any pulp. To strain you can use a muslin cloth or even a coffee filter but if you’re planning on repeating the nut drink process often you may want to invest in a nut bag.  Don’t throw out the pulp. By making your nut milk at home you’re left with this amazing byproduct which you can save and use later in smoothies or baked goods for example.
And there you have it, done! Once you’ve had your first tipple make sure you keep the nut drink in the refrigerator where it will last up to five days.

How to Make Your Own Cashew Drink



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