Identification of cross‐reactive allergens in cashew‐and pistachio‐allergic children during oral immunotherapy.

He, Z., Dongre, P., Lyu, S. C., Manohar, M., Chinthrajah, R. S., Galli, S. J., … & Andorf, S.
It has been estimated that around 8% of the children in the U.S. suffer from food allergy and of those, 40% are allergic to multiple foods. Among tree nuts, allergies to pistachios are common in those with cashew nut allergy and multiple homologous allergenic components are shared between the two nuts. Three major allergens from cashew (Ana o 1 at 50 kDa, Ana o 2 major band at 33 kDa and minor band at 53 kDa, and Ana o 3 at 10 kDa) and five major allergens from pistachio (Pis v 1 at 7 kDa, Pis v 2 at 32 kDa, Pis v 3 at 50 kDa, Pis v 4 at 23 kDa, and Pis v 5 at 36 kDa) have been identified. Of those, Ana o 1 and Pis v 3, Ana o 2 and Pis v 2, Ana o 2 and Pis v 5, Ana o 3 and Pis v 1 have been recognized as homologues based on their sequence similarity and cross reactivity to IgE from the patients.